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Welcome to Met's Museum. This site is a work in progress to showcase the results of 3D scans created using a low cost three dimensional laser scanner.

The 3d scanner used was homemade, intially using a cardboard corner holding the calibration panels and a lowcost handheld red laser pointer with a glass cylinder attached to the front to produce a laser line. The David Laser Scanner software was used on the PC along with a Logitech HD C615 web camera to create the 3D objects.

Whilst this was functional and served as a useful proof of concept it was not the most effective way to create a complete 3D scan of an object, some of the very early scans produced using this setup can be seen here.

The next step was to produce a motorised setup to ease with the capture of the object being scanned. This was created using an old Lego Mindstorm set (Robotics Invention System 1.5) that was already in my posession. The red laser pointer was also replaced with a better quality green laser. Some images of the lego controlled motorized scanner built and a few additional details can be seen on the Technology page. The results from the current 3D scanner can be seen on the 3D page.

Thanks for visiting Mets Museum.